Upcoming (Annual General Meeting)

An Annual General Meeting of the AICC shall be held once each year, no more than eighteen (18) months after previous Annual General Meeting.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of members shall be in writing and dispatched to members at least twenty one (21) days prior to the date of the meeting.

This shall be fourteen (14) clear days of all other extraordinary member meetings.

The Executive Committee, by majority vote, shall determine the date, time, and place of the Annual General Meeting.4.

The notice must be specifying, time, date, venue and general nature of the business to be transacted at the meeting.

Notice must be given to all members, Directors, Executive Committee, Board and auditors.

The AGM will be held for the purpose of the election of members of the Executive Committee, consideration of amendments to the constitution, presentation and approval of the Chairperson’s report and approval of the Treasurer’s report, including the Annual Financial Statements of the AICC, and execution of any other business that might properly be brought to the attention of members.

A quorum at the AGM shall be ten percent (10%) of the members in good standing of the AICC or a lesser number should the Executive Committee deem it necessary for the meeting to be held.  If a quorum cannot be obtained, the Annual General Meeting shall be postponed.

Annual Report

The Executive Committee shall present at the Annual General Meeting an Annual Report including the Financial Statements, approved by the Chairperson’s report giving a review of the activities of the AICC for the year then ended, and showing the whole amount of property and/or other assets acquired or disposed of during their tenure of office.