Qualification for membership
1. Any business or individual interested in AICC activities qualifies for membership.
2. A member in good standing shall be defined as one who has paid the current annual Membership Fee and adhered to a good and true morale code of conduct.
3. Membership or its privileges may be revoked or modified by the Executive Committee or Board.
4. Any person representing such a business who becomes a Member of AICC agrees to be bound by the Constitution of the AICC.
5. The executive Committee or Board may refuse an application for membership if they consider it to be in the best interests of the AICC.
6. There will be no special arrangements for the gifting of memberships to any individual or body unless deemed necessary and voted upon by the Executive Committee and Board.

An adult shall be defined as any person 18 years of age or over.
3. Membership Fee
1. Annual membership is paid in advance upon joining and thereafter should be paid annually on the anniversary of the joining date.
2. The privilege of membership shall be extended for a further three months of the following year for members who have not paid the Membership Fee.
3. After that date the privilege of membership shall be suspended until the Membership Fee has been paid.
4. The Membership Fee shall be set each year by the Executive Committee, reviewed and announced at the AGM.

Classes of Membership

There are six (6) classes of membership Board, Corporate, Small Business, Individual, Fresh, Non-Irish.

Any business or individual interested in AICC activities qualifies for membership.

Membership levels differ on a sliding scale of cost and access to services.
Costs of membership will be reviewed on an annual basis, signed off by the Board members announced at the AGM (Annual General Meeting)
The most up to date costs for membership are hosted on the AICC website.

Rights of Members
All members shall have the rights to attend AICC meeting and functions where their membership deems so.
All members have access to AICC’s constitution and Annual Financial Statements for their own use, but shall not allow access to such documents or allow such documents or lists to be used by any other person or party, nor shall a member use such documents in other than as properly approved by the AICC.